Angel Aligners™

Our team at Dupont Orthodontics takes pride in staying on the cutting-edge of orthodontic technology. We are excited to offer our patients Angel Aligners™, the latest innovation in clear aligner treatment.

Angel Aligners™ are a series of clear, custom trays that slot over your teeth like thin sports guards. The aligners are anti-reflective and “frosted” in appearance, so most people won’t even notice you are having orthodontic treatment.

Angel Aligners™ don’t require any metal brackets or wires to shape your smile. In fact, the smooth aligners are hand trimmed and polished for absolute comfort. They are even removable, so you can take your aligners out for meals, important events, and regular brushing and flossing.

How do Angel Aligners™ work?

What makes Angel Align™ treatment so unique is its “7+3” dual aligner system. You will wear one aligner for seven days that provides a gentle, continuous force on your teeth. Then, you will switch to a stiffer aligner for three days to allow more control over tooth movement.

This proprietary system makes your treatment more efficient than ever and can decrease your treatment time. Since you can switch to a new set of aligners from the comfort of home, you won’t need to see us for regular appointments either, making Angel Aligners™ extra convenient.

What is angelButton?

The angelButton is an ancillary feature manufactured directly into Angel Aligner™. angelButtons provide an additional anchorage point to support the use of elastics in Angel Align™ treatment. These buttons can be added and/or adjusted anywhere on the arch and are designed with high structural integrity to facilitate efficient tooth movement via elastics.

Integrated Structure

The angelButton is a part of the aligner, it resists deformation of the aligner that can occur with elastics cuts. It also dramatically reduces the clinic time.

Flexible Placement of Elastics

Flexible positioning of the angelButton allows for better use of intra-oral elastics and opens up a wide range of different uses of intra-oral elastics.

AI precise positioning

Al-based precise positioning and structural optimization algorithm -avoid the weakening regions, and make elastics more reliable.

Biomechanical optimization algorithm–integrates with masterForce biomechanical test platform, and improves the effectiveness of elastics.

Ergonomic Design

Round mushroom head design prevents irritation of the soft tissues and reduced button height provides better patient comfort.

angelButton provides optimized uncut of button to provide easier and more reliable use of elastics.

Designed For Efficient Tooth Movement

Angel Aligner™ redefines invisible orthodontic treatment, creating beautiful smiles in a comfortable and efficient way.  They can decrease the length of your treatment and improve treatment efficiency.  Angel Aligners™ allow more comprehensive diagnosis and helps your doctor provide a safer and more precise treatment.