We truly believe that what sets our office apart from all others is our amazing team! We couldn’t accomplish all that we do without each other. With the effort of everyone on our team, we are able to share in the joy of improving smiles every day! We can’t wait to get to know you and your family during your treatment!

Clinical Manager

If possible, I would rescue all the dogs.

I love Mexican food!

I enjoy rehabbing old furniture.

I love to travel!

I also consider myself a homebody. I love being home.

Amanda joined our team in November 2013. She loves interacting with our patients and taking part in creating their brand new smiles. Amanda strives to keep the clinic running smoothly throughout each day. While out of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, as well as reading, and traveling.

“My goal is to do everything possible to help our patients achieve their goal of having a healthy, beautiful smile!”

Clinical Assistant

I cannot whistle.

I taught an orthodontic technician class at PFW.

I come from a very tall family. My mom is 6’2” and I have a cousin that is 6’9”.

I love pickles!

In my spare time, I make and sell kids accessories online and at local events.

While just joining our team in 2021, she has 20 years of orthodontic experience. In her spare time, Amy enjoys boating and spending time at the lake with her family. She also loves to craft and make handmade kids accessories. You may spot her at local events and craft shows with her creations!

“The part I love most about my job is helping patients transform their smiles.”

Clinical Assistant

I love baking!

I met Ted Nugent. I picked him up from the airport for a concert in the 1990’s.

I loved tap dancing as a child.

I HATE scary movies.

I could eat pizza for every meal.

Angie is a proud member our clinic team.  Prior to joining our office, she had previous orthodontic experience.  Angie truly loves helping people smile. Angie loves to interact with patients and enhance their visits by making connections. She has a strong work ethic and strives to make every smile beautiful.

“I love being part of team that shares a mutual goal of improving patient smiles. The connections made with each patient makes the days go quickly and I enjoy learning about everyone I meet.”

Clinical Assistant

I have a twin sister that also works in the dental field.

I LOVE to dance!

Sunrise and sunset are the best part of the day.

I lived in Mexico until I was five and am bilingual.

My favorite hobby is traveling to Mexico.

Liz joined our team in January of 2020 and is bilingual in Spanish and English. She enjoys the reaction of patients seeing their new smiles. It is awesome to watch a patient transform from beginning to end and she loves being part of the process. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, traveling, and visiting her family in Mexico.

“The best part of my job is seeing the excitement on the patient’s face when I show them the before and after pictures.”

Clinical Assistant

My dad is from Mexico, but I can’t speak Spanish.

I am a JEEP girl! I love my Jeep.

Concerts are my favorite thing to do in the summer.

You’ll often hear me singing through the office.

My favorite place to be is on the beach.

Alexis is the newest member of our clinical team and she brings so much joy to our day to day. She is eager to learn and loves connecting with every patient she sees. Her dream was to be part of our clinical team member and we are excited for her future with us.

“I love watching our patients change!  The smile transformations are incredible and it is so fun being part of that process.”

Records Technician

I love to build Legos in my spare time.

I’m in adult braces for the first time and I love seeing my smile get closer to perfection everyday!

I recently bought my first home.

I can play almost ANY instrument you give me.

I have 3 BIG dogs, a cat, and a pet parrot.

Cayley is one of the first smiling faces you see when you come to see us.  She does an incredible job welcoming new patients to our office and often introducing them to what orthodontics is.  Cayley also works with sterilization and aids in the clinic when needed.  She loves to learn and has a passion for improving herself. 

“I enjoy starting with a patient who is nervous and help walk them through our processes.  I feel so successful a connection has been made and they are comfortable being here.”

Laboratory Manager

I am the only one in my family with red hair.

I love ketchup but hate tomatoes.

I lived in Germany for two years.

My favorite color is purple.

My favorite food is sushi.

Barbara excitedly joined our team in 2015 and is a part of our amazing Clinical team. Recently, she has branched out and taken on the laboratory manager position. In this new role, she will be making orthodontic appliances and managing clinical inventory. We are so excited to see her progress!

She enjoys meeting all the patients and seeing their progress throughout treatment. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and traveling to different places.

“The best part of my day is when a patient gets their braces off and is so excited to see their beautiful new smile!”

Treatment Coordinator

I am obsessed with mayonnaise.

I am a weird cactus explorer.

I have ziplined in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Tennessee and Indiana.

I have a gym shoe collection.

I am a “namaw” to a spunky 3-year-old granddaughter.

Angie has been with Dupont Orthodontics since 2002. In that time, she has expanded her duties from sterilization, clinical, and Lab Technician. Angie has now moved from clinic to administration and will be the first face new patients see when they visit our office. Her years of experience make her an excellent fit for explaining treatment procedures and providing patients with all the information needed for their orthodontic journeys. In her free time, Angie enjoys vacationing with her husband Michael and son Chase and granddaughter M’lani.

“When you’re visiting our office, my goal is to ensure that you are comfortable while I explain your treatment for the day.”

Treatment Coordinator/Office Manager

I used to be a competitive barrel racer.

I turn on my heated seats 365 days a year.

I love to rhyme!

My last meal would include popcorn.

I am obsessed with cooking shows.

Rebecca joined our team in September of 2020. She loves talking with patients and learning about their journeys. Meeting everyone that comes in makes each day new and exciting. As a treatment coordinator, she explains orthodontic treatment plans with patients just starting their journeys. In her free time, she has a passion for cooking, decorating and spending time with her family.

“I love seeing people smile. It is great to be apart of the journey that makes them become more comfortable doing so.”

Scheduling Coordinator

I could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Celebrity that I would hang out with: Robert Downey, Jr.

Left on a desert island, I would bring 3 things: my husband, chapstick, and a lighter.

I married my high school sweetheart.

I make a KILLER grilled cheese.

Dental has been in Mallori’s DNA long before joining our practice.  She has a family that works in the dental field and brings a lot of field experience with her.  Mallori is one of the first bubbly voices you hear when you reach out to our office and uses her passion for people skills to help assist all of our patients.  Mallori is also super creative and loves connecting with everyone who comes to see us.  

“My favorite part of my job is building relationships with everyone and learning new things about each patient and their families! I love talking to them all and continuing to establish solid relationships”

Scheduling Coordinator

I have three cats named after vegetables.

I have never been to Florida.

I am going back to school to get my Master’s degree.

I used to be scared of the dentist.

I can cook a mean steak.

Baylee is the newest member to join our team. She is quick to problem solve and has a great eye for analyzing. We are thrilled to have her join our team and work with our patients to provide the best possible experience. Baylee is easy to speak to and enjoys helping families when they reach our office.

“The highlight of my day helping the patients with whatever needs they might need before their appointment or after their appointment. I also enjoy connecting with other dental offices to establish mutual relationships.”